AI versus manual photo restoration online: Quality, prices and Pitfalls

Old Photo restoration Online

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and manual photo restoration have been the best ways to recover, repair and colorize antique photos. Both have great advantages such as quality, details and the end, which is save and restore and old picture, is satisfactorily fulfilled.

AI photo enhancer: Benefits and disadvantages.

There are tens of apps, platforms and more tools available for you to enhance your pictures. There are even more apps with the passing of the time.

AI has great advantages when editing and restoring pictures, not only old and damaged pictures but also current ones. The main characteristics of AI is the quickness and the quality of the results. 

If we consider prices, AI seems to have a little disadvantage compared with manual restoration. In general, all the apps that use AI have both a Free and a Paid Version, also known as Premium Version. 

Although the Premium Versions are not quite expensive, many people often prefer free apps.

AI photo restoration software: apps to repair your old photos

Within the vast world of AI, software and apps, there are tools that are much more convenient than others are. If you decide to use AI for this end, you should invest a couple of hours of your time to see which is the best app, or the platform that fits well with your needs.

Of course there are pitfalls in this, some apps offer things that they do not fulfill in fact, this is quite evident if you pay attention to the reviews. 

Remini app

Remini is one of the most recognized apps for photo restoration. It turns low-resolution, blurred, pixelated, old and damaged photos into High Definition images. 

Remini uses AI generative technology to have a professional-like result. It is convenient for those who do not dominate that well technology, as you can use this app on your phone without knowing too much about edition.

It has very good reviews for being quick and efficient, and since its beginning in 2019, Remini has enhanced more than 10 million of photographs.

Some of the features of this app is the enhancement of videos and pictures of low quality, making them much clearer and looking more modern.

Vance AI photo colorizer

This app is another tool to colorize black and white pictures and restore details, 100% automatically and using AI.

To optimize and enhance old and damaged pictures, this app uses Deep Convolutional Neutral Network, instead of using traditional colored filters like many other apps. Their algorithms are trained to colorize millions of black and white pictures to colored images. 

Another very good advantage is the ease to use this app, it is not complicated at all and you do know what you are doing.

NVIDIA: AI photo restoration

Nvidia seems to be one of the pioneers in AI technology available nowadays to offer old photo restoration services online. One of the main advantages is the ease and even the fun to use and their tools are quite simple to comprehend.

This app is quite good to remove defects and items on the surface of deteriorated and old photos, but it may have very limited functions as simple tools that do not satisfy completely. 

My Heritage photo enhancer

MyHeritage uses the AI learning technology from DeOldify to repair those pictures that are damaged, blurred or scratched, digitally, online and easily.

This app has the end of editing specifically old pictures, those that are damaged by moisture, scatches, etc. As this is the main specialization of the app, and uses up-to-date AI technology, the results are expected to be excellent.

Free users can edit up to 10 images for free using basic features. After that, you need to subscribe the Premium version with much better options and tools of edition.

Manual photo restoration online

“What if I decide to edit an old picture by myself?” No problem, it is definitely possible to edit your pictures manually. What you have to know and understand is that this work do not last less than a couple of hours in the best of the cases. You should practice a lot to get familiar with some tools.

If you have the time, a good phone or computer and, above all, the will to edit those photos, there are some special apps that are perfect for this type of edition: Photoshop CC or Photoshop CS6, GIMP or Luminar 4.

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