Damaged photo restoration online: Repair scratches, enhance quality and save your old photos.

Damaged photo restoration: online options to repair your pictures.

Virtual world and digitalization offer a great service of damaged photo restoration, worthy for those who want to keep the memories of their ancestors, relatives or old friends. If you want to save those damaged pictures, ruined by water or moisture, light or scratches, you can use different services, platforms and apps to restore them.

These apps and platforms do not offer only coloring your black and white or sepia picture, but also offer repair scratches, enhance the quality and to save it from any imperfection or accident. Therefore, these years are definitely the best to recover those pieces of paper with great memories.

How can I repair my damaged photos online?

Internet offers tens of options to restore your damaged photos. But you have to be careful, pay attention and be inquisitive about each service: what they offer, how they work, if they have a portfolio where you can see their job, and of course the quality in relation with the price.

You can choose between several options but the most profitable, most accessible and easiest to restore your picture are:

- Choosing a professional software for edition: there are hundreds of options. Most of them are paid, but if you are curious, you can find free apps with average tools and results. It will depend mostly on your ability, capacity to edit and will to recreate a perfect picture. 

- Downloading an app to edit: if you are not skilled enough to use apps such as Photoshop, for example, mobile apps are a good option as well for your damaged photo restoration. However, you may be careful with them in order to preserve your photo. Maybe the result is not satisfactory and instead of having a colored picture, for example, you could get a drawing. 

- Hiring a professional designer: there are many platforms waiting for your old pictures to restore. You do not have to do anything, just by paying a fair price; you can get your damaged photo repaired in only a few days.

What is the best photo restoration software?

The best apps, mostly recommended for people in general, are Adobe Photoshop CC, inPixio Photo Studio, Retouch Pilot, PhotoWorks, AKVIS Retoucher, SoftOrbis and Luminar.

These are some of the tens of software available for you to restore your old and/or damaged pictures. Some of them require more technical or professional knowledge in order to manage them proficiently.

Of course there are more platforms to edit, but compared with these mentioned, they are rather basic and do not count with many tools, so the repair you would make is not that big or significant. In order to use the platform, you have to create an account and sign up. 

Another good option for damaged photos restoration online are apps, mostly available on Play Store or Apple Store.

Old photo restoration app: Is there an app to restore old photos?

Some apps quite useful for damaged photo restoration are Snapseed, VSCO, Enlight Photofox, PicsArt, SKRWT, among other. They are available for Android and Apple.

These are apps normally used for edition in general you can use filters, enhance backgrounds, add more bright, or some little details, etc. However, if you are a bit curious, patient and skilled, you can use these apps to restore damaged photos.

As these apps mentioned above are used mostly for professionals and count with a great number of tools, almost all of them are paid. They do have their free version, but if you want to restore your pictures efficiently and obtain great and realistic results, you would prefer to get the Premium version.

How can I get original image from edited image online?

You can get an original image from an edited image depending on which tool, software or app you use. As we mentioned above, there are several apps dedicated exclusively to repair blurred, damaged, or low-quality pictures. 

If you want to get an original image from an edited image online, we suggest hiring a professional designer, as you do not have to worry about the process of the edition, that may be totally tedious, difficult and takes several hours. 

Photo restoration websites

Some websites available to restore your old pictures are:

  • Back to Color
  • Colorise SG
  • Memory Cherish
  • ScanCafe
  • WeEdit.Photos

Some of them are more convenient than others in relation to quality-price (and the time in returning the picture with its final result). Most of them take between 5-7 business day in making the process of restoration, but the results are totally worth it.

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